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Fairfield Jewelers Valentine`s Day 2021

Valentine's Day jewelry gifts

Learn how to use the symbolism of jewelry to strengthen relationships
We know of a thousand and one reasons why we love jewelry. Classic or contemporary, these glimmering art pieces speak of eternal sentiments by showing visible signs of romance and deep emotions with rare preciousness.

Jewelry can be used to show attraction, convey messengers of love, and sometimes they are regarded as lucky artifacts with powerful interpretations.

Jewelry is a sure way to enhance the beauty in all of us. That Is why Fairfield's cupids are working full steam to list the most charming tips and ideas to celebrate 2021 Valentine's Day with fresh inspiration in the shape of lovely jewelry.

Propose on Valentine's Day

Few days will be more romantic than Valentine's! This date that comes with heart-shaped ornamentation, red hearts, and handwritten notes creates a lyrical and poetic moment for engagement proposals.

Engagement rings represent a cherished story for many couples. The long-lasting nature of diamonds and precious gems makes them the very symbolic tokens that mark a couple's life trajectory. Here are the messages the most popular styles convey:


Three stone
This style was created to show you loved her yesterday, today, and forever.


A one-of-a-kind style that shows she is the only one you want and love. This design has been winning hearts for decades.



We choose this style to express passion and a desire to crown her with diamonds. Halo rings are romantic and heart-melting.


Use Valentine's Day to make your feelings known

Your heart beats faster every time she is around. You think about her all day long. Everything she says and does is enchanting. It is official: you are in love! Make her day with a jewelry gift and win her over with an unforgettable declaration of love.

Choose jewelry that shows the effect of love at first sight and leave her speechless! Focus on her individuality and surprise your partner with fantastic jewelry.

If you are in the very early stages of a relationship, a shiny bracelet is a soulful gesture. Celebrate love with something that leaves a mark! Invest in earrings of vivid colors, necklaces of intertwining layers, and pendants with beautiful details.

No matter how exceptional your soon-to-be partner is, receiving a jewel on Valentine's Day is always a pleasure and a clear declaration of your true feelings!

Romantic gift ideas for your girlfriend

Jewelry doesn't just represent a woman's identity and personality; they add charm to their silhouette, illuminate the face, elongate the neck, and transform entire outfits! The preciousness in using jewelry as a gift for Valentine's Day lies within how gorgeous jewelry makes a woman feel.

Tip! Rubies are so extremely rare that sometimes we don't know when the best time to give them. Well, now love is in the air, and rubies have just the right rhythm for Valentine's Day!

This is an opportunity to evoke the passion and crimson impact of ruby jewelry to your sweetheart. She will stare at it forever!


Romantic gift ideas for your boyfriend

Guys love to be surprised on Valentine's Day as much as women! For them, it is a chance to celebrate the theme of love with a free attitude and to see their girl or guy get creative with meaningful gifts.

Does he lead an adventurous life? Surprise him with a timepiece full of complications and robust features. Does he love social events? How about a stunning Raymond Weil gold timepiece with a sophisticated dial? Now, if he enjoys classics, go for a timepiece with a leather bracelet, mechanical chronographs, and a retro-inspired design.

Men love to get timepieces. They can collect them and wear each one according to the occasion. Timepieces always elevate one’s status and are a sign of prestige. Being surprised by a partner with a timepiece will only make it even more special every time he wears it.


Renewing your vows during Valentine's Day

You two have lived happy years together, but sometimes everyday life takes away the glow of first love. Here is a sure way to bring back some spice and romance into your relationship: renew your vows with a new and modern wedding band. Remind your partner of all the reasons why they are important and irreplaceable to you with jewelry.

We know she already has a wedding band, and you don't want her to forget it! Now, stackable bands are the loveliest way to mark different milestones and events with rings that will only enhance the band (and engagement ring) she already has!

For example, if she has a diamond wedding band, surprise her with a second band featuring her favorite gemstones, like an emerald, sapphire, or ruby wedding band. She can stack it against her diamond band, creating a stunning effect!

Eternity bands will always boost any existing bands and remind them your love is even more crystallized after all these years. Diamond bands look stunning combined with white gold bands.

If her wedding band is a little too thin, you can enhance it with a wider diamond band. Yellow gold will match rose gold with a romantic play of hues.

Valentine's gifts in Southern Connecticut

Fairfield is your jewelry store in Southern Connecticut. Visit our showroom to find Valentine's Day jewelry for her and him.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with unique and unforgettable jewelry. Let yourself be inspired by the beautiful and precious pieces that men and women have been craving.

Give your sweetheart one of the most luxurious gifts this February. All you have to do is choose perfect jewelry, we'll take care of the rest and make sure you have a happy Valentine's Day!


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