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The Complete Guide To The Best Timepieces You Must Have

More than just practical devices, watches are true style statements. Any occasion in your life calls for these essential fashion accessories. Without a doubt, they are a crucial addition to any outfit that everyone needs. Dive in to discover how important they are.
What to look for in a luxury watch

It's undeniable that the exceptional craftmanship, great precision, and unmatched design of luxury timepieces are well known. However, you should take into account every minute detail of a watch.

That includes the type of movement you want, the ideal dial style, and the best case material and size for you. The following main factors should be taken into consideration when shopping for a luxury watch:

- Craftsmanship: It is obvious that watches made by well-known companies have the finest quality, but it's crucial that you know how intricate of a design you would like for your watch to have. After all, you may discover luxury watches with a wide range of features, from the most basic specs to innumerable functions, cogs and gears.

- Tradition: If there is one thing that all luxury watch companies have in common, it is their legendary reputation and longstanding tradition that dates back several centuries. Therefore, it's crucial to take the brand's history into account while looking for the ideal timepiece for you, as it frequently shows itself in the designs and characteristics of its timepieces.

- Innovation: Tradition and innovation may appear to be in opposition to one another. However, the best watchmakers in the world flawlessly combine old-world techniques with advanced technology to create the finest watches possible.

Now that you know these various factors to consider when making your choice, it's time to get to know our products. Here at Fairfield Center Jewelers, you will find the best luxury timepieces from the brand Raymond Weil –
check it out.

Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil History

In 1976 when Mr. Raymond Weil made the decision to start his own business and translate his ideals of what Swiss watchmaking should be into functional timepieces, the industry gained a fresh perspective.
These days, the Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil has been continuously creating exceptional watches for both men and women, guaranteeing excellent quality since the beginning. The brand has an exceptional reputation in the watch industry for creating high-quality, reliable watches. 

Even limited edition timepieces have been created for artists like AC/DC, David Bowie, and The Beatles, leading to several musical collaborations and tributes. So, let's talk about some collections you’ll find here:
Raymond Weil Collection
To help you further narrow down your options, let’s take a closer look at some of
Raymond Weil's most renowned collections and understand what makes each design so desirable. 


The Freelancer is Raymond Weil's flagship line, including elegant designs and premium components utilized to make these exquisite timepieces. This collection's restricted style selection may be offset by its high caliber of design for both men and women.

The David Bowie, AC/DC, and Gibson limited edition watches, which are all outstanding collector's items and would be the ideal addition to any collection, are all part of the Freelancer collection. With such variety and innovative designs in each watch, the collection is much more than just these timepieces.


The Maestro series exudes elegance and sophistication and is home to the stunning Beatles tribute timepiece. The majority of the pieces in this collection, which are aimed toward dress watches, would look great with a suit and offer the ideal finishing touch to any ensemble.


The Tango collection of men's Raymond Weil timepieces is particularly athletic and dive-oriented. With an extensive range of models to choose from, this collection is one of the most popular. 

Since Raymond Weil is so versatile, these watches will never look out of place when worn with a suit or other formal attire, but this collection blends this elegance with the traditional sports watch style to give the watches a completely new vibe.

In addition, you can also browse or website and check other collections such as Noemia and Toccata – you’ll certainly love it!

We have these amazing watches right in Fairfield, CT. 

Fairfield Center Jewelers is your destination to shop incredible timepieces. You benefit from a wide selection of designs, brands, and styles when you shop with us. So, if you’re after a great timepiece to convey elegance and style anywhere, you are, Look no further! Our experts will help you find the perfect piece.

Visit us at 1498 Post Road, Fairfield, CT. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to keep up with our latest news and get some stunning jewelry inspiration!


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