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Here Are All The Answers To Your Jewelry Repair Questions

Your jewelry is very personal and meaningful to you. And while accidentally damaging one of your favorite pieces might seem like the end of the world, there is no need to fret! If that happens to you, just take a deep breath and remember that your jewelry can be fixed. 

Over time, your favorite jewelry pieces are subjected to a lot of wear and tear, so some typical stress is to be expected. But with proper care, maintenance, and repair, your jewelry will always look gorgeous and last forever.

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Take good care of your jewelry

Remember to always be on the lookout for any signs that may indicate your jewelry is in danger of damage or breakage. That way, you can prevent the damage before it happens. 

If, however, your jewelry is already showing signs of damage, don't despair. Take your beloved piece to a trusted jeweler. They will help you make your jewelry good as new.

Jewelry repair

How to repair broken jewelry

First and foremost, never try to do it yourself. Jewelry repair isn’t a DIY project that you can learn by watching a tutorial online. Instead, take your damaged jewelry piece to a respected jewelry store that provides expert repair services you can trust. This is very important, as choosing an unreputable jeweler can lead to poor jewelry repair, which in turn, could degrade the piece or even cause irreparable damage to it.


Common jewelry repair issues


Although jewelry repairs can range from simple to complex, the most common issues that need
repairing can be easily fixed by professional jewelers.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common jewelry repairs.


Ring Resizing

This is by far the most common repair, and luckily, jewelers can easily adjust your ring to fit your finger perfectly.  There are many reasons why this repair is so popular. Finger sizes can change over time, people change their mind on which finger they prefer to wear their favorite ring, and many have wrong-sized rings that are family heirlooms, such as  a vintage engagement ring.


Stud earrings


Prong Repair and Replacement

Over time, it’s not unusual for those tiny prongs that hold gemstones in place to wear out, making the gemstone they’re holding unstable. Repairs differ from flattening a prong and putting it back in place to replacing all of the prongs around a gemstone.


Gemstones ring

Loose Gemstones

While gemstones can get loose over time from normal wear and tear, this can also happen if you accidentally bump your jewelry against hard surfaces, like your countertop. Luckily, it usually only takes tightening a couple of prongs to fix this issue. In case the prongs are too worn, though, a replacement might be necessary.


Chain necklace

Clasp and Chain Repairs

Broken necklace and bracelet chains or loose clasps are incredibly common. These delicate pieces might snag our clothes or a child might grab onto your necklace and break a few chain links or the clasp. Thankfully, though, broken chains are easily repaired, and clasps can also be seamlessly replaced.


Ring repair

Broken Shank

Even though the precious metals used in jewelry are quite hard to break, occasional fractures may happen over time - especially if you’ve been wearing the same jewelry piece every day for years. Fortunately, these breaks are easy to repair. All it takes is soldering a little piece of the same metal to the ring, and it’ll look good as new.


Repair jewelry

How long does it take to repair jewelry?

That depends on what you’re having repaired. However, beware of jewelers that claim they can repair your jewelry in just a few minutes. Jewelry repair should never be rushed as having your beloved piece looking impeccable requires great attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship.

On average, you can expect a turn-around time of between one and two weeks. However, keep in mind that this is just an estimate that can change depending on a number of factors.

Diamond repair

Can my chipped diamond be repaired?

The short answer is yes. However, there are some factors to consider before anything can be done. The first thing is the size of your diamond. Re-cutting the diamond is the best way to repair the chip, but small diamonds (under .20cts) are usually not worth recutting. Larger diamonds, however, can often be re-cut without losing too much of the original stone.

Secondly, take into account the size of the chip and the cut of your diamond, as these factors will determine whether the chip can be easily fixed.

Finally, factor in the sentimental value and history of your diamond. If you don’t mind replacing the chipped stone, then trade it up for a newer, brighter (and even bigger!) diamond. You can put the chipped diamond in another piece of jewelry - such as a pendant or a pair of earrings - and cover the chip with a gorgeous design element.

The most trusted Jewelry Repair service in Fairfield, CT

With over 50 years of experience, our master craftsmen at Fairfield Center Jewelers can restore your jewelry piece back to its original glory. Our team of expert jewelers utilizes trusted techniques and the latest technology to service your jewelry and have your pieces looking good as new. 

With on-site jewelry repair, Fairfield is the home of the best master goldsmiths in Southern Connecticut. Whether you’re looking for a more contemporary styling to a family heirloom, a simple ring polish, or a complex repair, our craftsmen will work with you to achieve your goal.

We invite you to visit our location to see first-hand how we care for you and your jewelry.


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