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Add Gemstone Jewelry To Your Collection And Always Look Stylish

Jewelry is always the perfect way to dress up any outfit, but gemstone jewelry is particularly great for doing that while also adding a fun pop of color to your looks.

Whether you prefer an eye-catching pair of emerald earrings, a dainty ruby ring, a statement amethyst cuff, or a sweet sapphire necklace, there’s no denying that gemstone jewelry will always have you looking like a million bucks in the blink of an eye.

So, to help you find the perfect gemstone jewelry to add to your collection, we’ve put together this handy guide on these stunning accessories. Dive in to get inspired!
The most popular gemstones for jewelry

While you should always go with your heart when picking the perfect gemstone jewelry for you, instead of just opting for the most popular gem, we know that having countless options to choose from can be a bit overwhelming. 

To make your decision easier, let’s take a look at some of the most popular gemstones by color. After all, the best part about gemstones is that these beauties are naturally occurring in all colors of the rainbow. So, whether you’re after a red, green, or blue gem, it’ll be easy for you to narrow down your options this way.
Red gemstones

Red gemstones

Rubies and garnets have a fiery glow to them that ranges from deep scarlet hues to pinkish undertones. Their beautiful red shades are often associated with love and passion, which makes these gems particularly popular among lovebirds. 

Both rubies and garnets look particularly beautiful when paired with yellow gold, as this metal brings out the warmth of their color. 
pink sapphires

Pink and purple gemstones

Amethyst, tourmaline, and pink sapphires have beautiful blush undertones that make any piece look incredibly romantic and delicate.
These gemstones look especially lovely paired with rose gold, as this metal shade accentuates their stunning colors. Not to mention, pink and purple gemstone jewelry easily transitions from day to night, making them perfect accessories for all occasions. 

Blue gemstones

Sapphires, turquoise, aquamarine, and topaz have such stunning shades of blue that they instantly make you think of the ocean on a bright summer’s day. That’s what makes them so soothing and whimsical. 

Whether you prefer a sapphire’s deep cobalt hues or you just can’t get enough of the crystal-clear shades of aquamarines, these gemstones add a touch of sophistication to any look.

Green gemstones

Emeralds, tsavorite, peridot, and green tourmaline evoke the feeling of being in the outdoors surrounded by nature. There’s a cozy-yet-elegant aura to them that just can’t be described.

Not to mention, green works perfectly with any outfit because it highlights the colors in the pieces you’re wearing while still looking fairly neutral. Whether you’re going to a fancy party or you’re just running errands, green gemstone jewelry is always a great call.

Yellow and orange gemstones

Citrine has a beautiful color that ranges from dark orange to faint yellow, while sapphires offer lighter shades of golden yellow and orange. 

Their stunning amber hues bring a warm summery glow to any outfit. And, if you want to add to the warmth of these gorgeous gems, opt for pieces which pair them with diamonds and are set in yellow gold.

White gemstones

Pearls are among the most beloved gemstones in the world, and they look incredibly stylish no matter how you choose to wear them. 

Not only are they gorgeous, but they’re as versatile as diamonds - after all, you can pair them up with any outfit. Whether you prefer pearl earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings, pearl jewelry is perfect for every occasion.

Black gemstones

Black spinels and sapphires have an enigmatic and incredibly chic look to them. Their shades can range from jet black to grayish, and they can often have hues of blue and purple.

Whether you prefer these gems on earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings, they certainly have an intriguing aura to them that makes any outfit infinitely more interesting.

Where to find gemstone jewelry in Fairfield, CT?

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