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Get the Most Out of Diamond Shapes to Enhance Your Jewelry

Diamonds have conquered the world with their timeless beauty and one-of-a-kind properties, such as hardness and sparkly fire. One of these features is their shape, which has a lot to do with the way these stones deliver their brilliance. Therefore, diamonds’ shape is a key part of what makes them so coveted.
So, if you have in mind a stunning diamondengagement ring to pop the question, but aren't sure which stone shape to choose to make an unforgettable memory, this article is exactly what you need! Our specialists at Fairfield Center Jewelers have gathered some information on this topic to guide you on this journey. Dive in!

How many shapes do diamonds have?

Diamond Shapes
Since there is a vast world of diamond shapes to choose from, it is worth mentioning that understanding their shapes might come in handy in the buying process. Even though there is no ultimate answer to this question of how many shapes diamonds have, we can explore them with two main categories: common and fancy shapes. 
The first group can also be called the "classic ones," which include the round, princess, cushion, oval, emerald, pear, Asscher, heart, marquise, square radiant, radiant, and trillion shapes. As for the second group, we have stones with a more distinguished silhouette, such as baguette, half moon, horse, bullet, old mine, and rose shapes.

What shape of diamond is the most beautiful?

Essentially, each diamond stone has its singular characteristics, and so is its shape. According to the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), this term refers exclusively to the outline of the stone, so a diamond's shape can be faceted in different ways, or cutting styles.

Certain diamond shapes stand out depending on the purpose of the person wearing them. Some outlines are considered classic and more popular, such as the ones from the first group mentioned previously, while others have a more personalized silhouette, such as the fancy ones.

However, having to choose the most beautiful shape might seem unfair, since we have access to plenty of enchanting possibilities. So, there is nothing better than your personal taste and fashion style to count on when choosing the ideal diamond shape for you. Thinking of that, we’ve selected some stunning diamond shapes for you to look at.

Check out astonishing diamond shapes to feel inspired!

Diamond Round Cut

Brilliant Round Cut

The brilliant round cut is widely considered one of the most popular shapes for a reason. It features a timeless shape that maximizes the diamond's brilliance and lavish fire. The round cut can be found in classic solitaire engagement rings, as well as in intricate diamond-encrusted necklaces and bracelets
Diamond Princess Cut

Princess Cut

If you are going for an extra touch of refinement and elegance, the princess cut is an ideal diamond shape to make you look like royalty. It is crafted in a modern and square outline with sharp corners. In addition, the princess cut can be featured in alluring engagement rings and especially in jewelry designed to make bold statements.
Diamond Cushion Cut

Cushion Cut

For those drawn to the vintage flair but with a modern twist, the cushion cut is a great option to consider. It can be found with a soft rounded, squared, or rectangular shape; a style that balances the traditional style perfectly with a contemporary take. The cushion cut is often used in jewelry to enhance one’s fashion aesthetic, and also to add more romance to engagement rings.
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Where to find diamonds with the most stunning shapes in Fairfield, CT

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