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What you need to know before selling gold

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Selling gold jewelry might just be what you are looking for: an easy way to make some cash. How to sell gold, though, is a question we often get asked of our customers.
Here we will discuss why selling gold to online buyers and second-hand shops should not be your first option. For any deal, we are sure, you wish to benefit from professional expertise.
In order to transform your gold into cash, we would love to have you take a look at the adequate steps and tips we offer in this article. Keep reading!
Sell Gold

Should I sell my gold?

Many say gold is an excellent investment, and that is because selling it can be a stress-free solution whenever you wish to make some cash.
When you think about selling gold, your first reflex should be to turn to your jeweler. This will be a process that can be done in a few steps—as we will discuss below—but that can become a nightmare when you go to the wrong people.
How to avoid scams


This is one of your first concerns when it comes to selling gold, correct? That is because the internet has simplified a great deal for online buyers not to be accountable for scams, and worse, scams are nearly untraceable. And because of that, you can be much more susceptible to scams and unethical services.
Gold buyers offer themselves as the only alternative on the market, but they are not the exclusive holders of the right to purchase used gold. Avoid these hassles and rely on a reputable jewelry store that can provide licensing.

How to sell my gold?

How to sell my gold?

Contact the jewelry store of your trust and book an appointment to evaluate your gold. This will guarantee you have a consultant and expert ready for you and allow you privacy and no wait.
When you go to your jewelers, you can be sure of the continuously updated gold price per gram. Unlike gold buyers, your local jeweler will always wish to establish a long relationship of trust with you. You will find transparency, courtesy, and discretion.

Jewelry Store

If I go to a jewelry store, do I have to sell my gold?

When you take gold in, the first thing you will get is a quote. You can accept it or not. Neither you nor the jeweler holds any obligation at this stage.
Maybe you don’t feel the time is right. That is okay. Places like Fairfield Center Jewelers will always have open doors whenever you wish to sell jewelry.
How is the value of gold calculated?

How is the value of gold calculated?

The real value of gold will depend on the gold karat, weight, and the gold prices of the day—the latter is defined by monitoring the gold market.
Got confused? Karat and weight are not the same. Karat measures the purity of gold. For example, you could sell a few grams of gold, but how pure is it? 10k? 14k? 18k? These will affect how much cash you get from selling gold.
gold selling

How do I know if my gold is worth selling?

The heavier and more solid your gold feels when you hold it in your hands, the more you will probably get from it. If the sum of your jewelry pieces feels very light, you may consider waiting for a later opportunity.
Gold jewelry usually shows incredible quality even if the design itself is outdated. Maybe you have jewelry from desired brands or pieces that falls into vintage or antique categories, and you might sell them as Estate.
Whichever piece of jewelry you have—necklaces, rings, or bracelets—if your jewelry darkens the skin when you wear it or shows colors that are not uniform, you might not have gold in your hands. It might be that your jewelry was bathed in gold but is not pure gold. If you aren’t sure, you can always take it to your jeweler and ask a specialist.


Where to sell gold jewelry in Southern Connecticut?

Fairfield Center Jewelers offers high-level services to the Fairfield County Community. We have been buying gold in the area for more than 80 years, and it has always been a priority to make sure our customers feel at ease and solve all doubts about how to sell gold jewelry.
When we consider ​​selling gold jewelry, one of the first questions is where to go. The best place to sell your gold jewelry in Connecticut with the highest level of trust and professionalism is Fairfield Center Jewelers.
Take advantage of Fairfield Center Jewelers’ expertise and reputation to receive the highest price possible for your precious metal, diamonds, silver coins, and diamonds. Be assured we are licensed and will offer discreet services.
Visit us at 1498 Post Road in Fairfield, Connecticut, to learn more about buying and selling gold.  We are experts in the purchase of gold jewelry. We will give your gold a thorough evaluation free of obligations. If you prefer, book an appointment at (203) 259-5693.


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